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CYCLOS International LLC has been in business since 2003 and our mission is to import and market the CYCLOS WATCH product line throughout North, Central, and South America including the Caribbean islands. Our strategy provides customers the ability to acquire this very unique quality timepiece through authorized retailers and also direct via

Within these pages you will find complete product and company information. In addition, check out our exclusive dealer network in America. We look forward to supporting you as you review our models, and remember you can purchase directly online at and can learn more about our company and products at

The CYCLOS Product

CYCLOS WATCH is a genuine Swiss Made Chronometer, and is a truly unique 24-hour timepiece that took over ten years to develop based on the innovative CYLOS patent. This exclusive patent known as the DualPhase® Module is what drives the hour hand to extend and retract as it "floats" across the face of the watch, following the Pascal's spiral indicating each unique hour and minute within a 24 hour cycle. This DualPhase® Module is mounted on a COSC certified, automatic winding ETA2892-A2 caliber watch movement.

Form presents function in various user-friendly dials, and the complete product is packaged in multiple component casing made of precious metal or stainless steel. Timothy Treffry of Horological Journal referred to CYCLOS WATCH as "perhaps the most ingenious new design".

There are currently seven models in our production line - all different yet the same CYCLOS time. Our retail price range start in Stainless Steel models in mid-$7000s and Gold Editions from $15,800 in Hybrid buckles and $17,250. - with solid gold deployment buckles.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our expanded business model as we continue to deliver CYCLOS watches to collectors and timepiece aficionados. As our dynamic and global marketplace is demanding changes, so are our customers. The Internet has not only spawned new markets and businesses, but has revolutionized most sectors of consumer and business economic activity.

In this highly competitive watch industry with an incredible number of new brands and models each year, not to mention established players and some centuries-old competitors, this industry has also seen an impact from the web. The classic fine import watch industry has generally shunned the Internet, in most cases it seems for lack of a solution.

The notion it seems has been that traditional distribution channels [retailers] and consumer direct [online] buying can't create a win-win situation. We disagree. Especially if it means [we make it easier to and actually] more timepieces are owned because you, the customer, can have power to decide when and which CYCLOS timepiece you want! Our small exclusive group of retail partners in North America have product in stock ready for you to touch and feel, and make a deal, and we have an online solution.

CYCLOS International LLC now brings you We are pleased to be one of the very few fine watch companies embracing the Internet. We believe there is a "triple-win" for the customer, the retail partner, and product. We will take the high road, and name our current prices and offer models in inventory available for purchase directly at list prices (or occasionally for small promotional offering). And with product in stock as distributor and available at retailer partners we will get you the CYCLOS WATCH you want.

Our complete CYCLOS eSHOP includes secure-server credit cards transaction processing with the nation's leading Chase PaymentTech processing and gateway. CyclosDirect is here 24 hrs a day, when you want, with immediate inventory to choose from. .... so come into our eSHOP and browse around.

In the same spirit of a truly unique and innovative contribution to timekeeping, CYCLOS will grow its brand and provide for the ability to market more effectively to customers, yet always maintain supply-and-demand to a small group of shops and watch lovers worldwide.

Thanks for your interest in CYCLOS Watch. For people who make the most of all of their time - on a 24-hour basis - we are confident our watch presents a compelling way of timekeeping.

Kind Regards,
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